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Today, I want to share with you my love for Chinese Yam Pastry, also known as ‘Shan Yao.’ This humble ingredient holds a special place in Chinese culture and is widely used for its amazing benefits. Not only is it considered a nourishing herb, but it’s also incredibly baby-friendly, making it perfect for our little ones (starting from 6 months).

What I love most about ‘Shan Yao’ is its mild and gentle taste, which makes it versatile and adaptable to various dishes. Whether it’s a snack, dessert, or even a main meal, you can incorporate this wonderful ingredient into anything! And the best part is, I have three amazing recipes to share with you today that require no eggs and no oven.

With these easy and healthy snacks, you can effortlessly whip up delicious treats for your little munchkins. Let’s get cooking and explore the wonderful world of ‘Shan Yao’ together!

Jujube Chinese Yam Pastry

A burst of sweet and fruity jujube flavor with the soft and velvety texture of Chinese yam. It’s like a sweet hug from grandma’s kitchen.


Step By Step

  1. Steam the jujube and Chinese yam together for about 20 minutes until they are soft and tender.
  2. In a blender, combine the Chinese yam and 10ml of formula milk (breast milk or fresh milk ).
  3. Blend until you achieve a smooth consistency.
  4. Cut the jujube, remove the seeds, and add them to the blender along with 40ml of milk.
  5. Blend until smooth.
  6. In a non-stick pan, fry the jujube paste on low heat until it thickens and forms a dough-like mixture. Be careful not to burn it.

7. To make the outer dough, gradually add the low-gluten flour to the Chinese yam paste. Knead until a smooth dough is formed.

8. Roll the dough into a cylindrical shape and cut it into equal parts.

9. Take each piece and roll it out into a flat circle, about 0.5cm (0.2 inches) thick.

10. Place 1 teaspoon of the jujube paste in the middle of each dough circle, then fold and seal the edges to form a round shape. Gently press to flatten it slightly, and sprinkle some black sesame seeds on top.

11. Heat a pan and sprinkle some avocado oil. Pan-fry the pastries over medium-low heat for about 2-3 minutes on each side, until they turn a slight golden brown.

Purple Sweet Potato Chinese Yam Pastry

The natural sweetness of roasted sweet potato blends harmoniously with the earthy and creamy flavors of Chinese yam. This pastry that will surely delight your taste buds!


  • 150g Chinese yam (peeled and steamed)
  • 100g sweet potato (peeled and steamed)
  • 20ml milk (use formula milk for babies younger than 12 months)
  • 60g low gluten flour
  • Avocado oil (for pan-frying)

How to make Sweet Potato Flavoured Filling?

You may follow the same steps as the above recipe but instead of Jujujbe, steam and blend 100g of purple sweet potato.

Add 10ml into the paste to make it smoother and then you have your purple sweet potato filling! Then follow the rest of the steps as mentioned above!

Banana Chinese Yam Pastry

Who doesn’t love banana? The blend of sweet, ripe bananas and the smooth, earthy taste of Chinese yam will leave you craving for more!


  • Chinese yam (150g, peeled and steamed)
  • 10ml of milk ( or Formula Milk )
  • 1 Ripe Banana
  • Low gluten flour (60g)
  • Avocado oil (for pan-frying)
  • Black sesame seeds (for sprinkling)

How to make Banana Flavoured Filling?

To make a banana-flavored filling for the Chinese yam pastry, follow the same recipe steps as mentioned above recipe and make the following adjustment:

Step 4: Cut a ripe banana into thin slices. Instead of adding the jujube paste, place a banana slice in the middle of each Chinese yam dough.

Note: When using a banana slice as the filling, you won’t be able to roll the dough like the other fillings. Instead, gently fold the dough over the banana slice, sealing it in the middle. Trim away any excess dough to create a neat and compact pastry.

How to Plate ?

Let me share with you how I plate Little B’s meals using the delicious pastry from this recipe. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, a satisfying lunch, a wholesome dinner, or a fun snack, this recipe fits perfectly into any mealtime. It even makes a great addition to a bento box for school lunches!

The best part? This recipe is free from added sugars, allowing you to indulge in a delicious treat without any guilt. So go ahead and explore the endless possibilities with this healthy and delightful pastry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main ingredients used in the Chinese Yam Pastry recipes?

A: The main ingredients used in the Chinese Yam Pastry recipes include Chinese yam, jujube, sweet potato, and banana. These ingredients give the pastries their unique flavors and textures.

Q: Can these pastries be enjoyed by babies and young children?

A: Yes, these pastries are baby-friendly and can be enjoyed by babies and young children. They are made with wholesome ingredients and are free from added sugars, making them a nutritious snack or meal option.

Q: Are these pastries suitable for babies who are starting solids or following baby-led weaning (BLW)?

A: Absolutely! These pastries are soft and easy to chew, making them suitable for babies who are starting solids or following BLW. However, be sure to adjust the recipe based on your baby’s age and dietary needs.

Q: Can I store these pastries for later consumption?

A: Yes, you can store these pastries for later consumption. It is recommended to store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 2-3 few days. You can also freeze them for longer shelf life. Just make sure to label and date the packaging for easy reference.

Q: Can I modify the fillings or flavors of these pastries?

A: Absolutely! These recipes offer a great opportunity for experimentation and customization. Feel free to explore different fillings and flavors based on your preferences. You can use other fruits, nuts, or even add a touch of spices to create your own unique variations.

Q: Are these pastries suitable for adults too?

A: Yes, these pastries are not only kid-friendly but also enjoyable for adults. They make for a delightful treat or snack option. You can even drizzle some honey or chocolate syrup to cater to adult taste preferences.

Q: Can I make these pastries without using an oven?

A: Yes, all the recipes provided are oven-free. They are designed to be steamed or pan-fried, making them accessible and easy to prepare, even without an oven.

Q: Are there any specific tips for success when making these pastries?

A: To ensure successful results, remember to steam or cook the main ingredients to the desired consistency before blending or mashing. This will ensure a smooth texture for the fillings. Additionally, be mindful of the cooking times and temperatures specified in the recipe to achieve the perfect texture and taste.

Q: How can I serve these pastries?

A: These pastries can be served in various ways. They can be enjoyed as a standalone snack, part of a meal, or even incorporated into a bento box for school lunches. Feel free to get creative and explore different serving options based on your preferences and needs.

Q: Can these pastries be made dairy-free?

A: Absolutely! If you prefer to make these pastries dairy-free, you can easily substitute the milk in the recipes with non-dairy alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk, or oat milk. Just ensure that the chosen non-dairy milk is suitable for your dietary needs and preferences.

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