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Meet Eastern Mama and Family

Welcome to my kitchen! 

My name is Erika and why am I called ‘Eastern Mama’ you may wonder? Simply because I am a mama of two living in the east of Asia, more specifically, in the little country called Singapore. 

I am extremely blessed to be in a culturally diverse country with four pre-dominant races – Chinese, Malay, Indian, and  Eurasian, which means that at a young age I am exposed to many different cuisines! Yes, as a Singaporean all I can say is we are the proudest of our food heritage and we see it as a national identity unifying cultural thread.

Having been born in a Peranakan-Teochew family, I had the chance to taste a fusion of flavours that I wish were more well-known on a worldwide scale. So having said that, it is essential to me that my kiddos get to experience it too! And that is how this blog started…

My Cooking Style: Fast . Easy . Asian-inspired Baby Food

In 2021, our firecracker son came into our lives, making us a family of four! Since then, making quick and easy meals using readily available ingredients is how I roll these days. It’s the only way I can keep my sanity.

I’m here to show you that ANYONE can make wholesome, yummy meals for your little picky eaters!

Over the years I have dubbed myself the ‘queen of one-pot cooking’ because I absolutely hate doing the dishes. I’m also a master at creating veggie-packed snacks and dinners that even the pickiest eater will be compelled to try.

Cooking Without Borders

As a founder of an international preschool, I get a lot of questions from parents all over the world about the food we serve in school. They are often surprised to see their little ones being so adventurous with Asian food and eating so well compared to when they are at home! I am proud to say that along the way, I have developed a variety of delicious menus that are simple to prepare so that our in-house chef can handle preparing TASTY and NUTRITIOUS meals in large quantities.

Here, I’ll be sharing a lot of Asian kid-friendly recipes that I learned through watching my parents, grandparents, and other relatives cook. This is also my way of keeping my family’s recipes alive while showcasing the fusion dishes I’ve developed along the way.

You have full access to my kitchen journal, where you will find recipes that draw on many Asian Fusion cuisines and cooking philosophies from across Asia. You’ll read my observations on food and everything else to avoid common kitchen errors. If you enjoy cooking without boundaries, this culinary blog is the one for you.

ALRIGHTY, enough said.  Let’s get cooking!